Dinosaurs! A Fun-Filled Trip Back in Time (Part 1)
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Synopsis of Part 1
Part 1 starts out with the camera panning around a bedroom. There are dinosaur models and toys everywhere. The music playing is reminiscent of The Police's Every Breath You Take mixed with some U2. It is typical 1980s music. (Side note: If anyone knows where to get a copy of it, contact us!)

Philip (Fred Savage) is on his bed trying to come up with an idea for his science project. He is tossing tons of crumpled pieces of paper into a trash can, thinking that every idea is terrible.

Philip's mother calls from outside the door somewhere, telling Philip to turn off the music and go to bed. It must be getting late. But Philip's science project is due on Friday.

The next scene shows Philip sitting at his desk in the middle of a huge white void with dry ice all around. Looks like he's sitting in a cloud. We hear the voice of his teacher. She announces that it's time to share science projects, and asks Philip if he'd like to be first. He starts flipping through his presentation notebook, and every page seems to be empty. The other children in class are tossing papers and things at him, as the teacher continuously asks Philip if he's listening. Philip is freaking out a bit, while flipping through the pages of his notebook, unable to find anything. The class is chanting his name, as the teacher is constantly asking him to bring up his assignment.

It suddenly cuts back to Philips bedroom as he sits up and shouts "I'm gonna flunk science!" He must have been dreaming. And then we see the door to his bedroom again, as the first note of a song is played. Philip's mother is shouting "Oh, how can anyone study with all that noise. Turn off that music and go to bed!"

We then see the speaker of a boombox as we zoom into it, to find a T-Rex standing there as the lyrics Give me a Mesozoic Mind.... a Mesozoic Mind... a Mesozoic Mind... are sung. The T-Rex suddenly turns around as the rest of the scene is lit up, and the full band begins to play. The band is voiced by Charmer and is made up of four different Dinosaurs: A Tyrannosaurus Rex on lead vocals and guitar. A Parasaurolophus on bass guitar, a Triceratops on synthesizer (or keyboard / piano) and backing vocals, and a Diplodocus on drums, also providing backing vocals. The song is Mesozoic Mind, and it's a song all about Dinosaurs!

As the song comes to an end, we find ourselves exiting the radio and back in Philip's room, as he's looking around the room, remembering that he has Dinosaurs literally everywhere, including his bedsheets and his pajamas. "That's It!" he exclaims. "Dinosaurs! I'll do my report on dinosaurs! It'll be great! They'll go crazy over it! I'm saved!" Philip then rolls over, turns the light off, and goes to bed, as ominous music starts, as we move into part 2.

Dinosaurs! A Fun-Filled Trip Back in Time! Part 2Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4

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