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Cretaceous Central
Me-so-zo-ic!: Dinosaurs!, an educational show (with a lot of humor added) from the 1980s. A totally rockin' dino-groove, baby! (Cretaceous Central)
Dumb Baby Review
A Review of 'Dinosaur' with Fred Savage: Oh yes Dinosaur, the great classic. I remember one day after digging through my basement I found a box of old tapes. A few friends came over and we watched them throughout the night. After exhausting the supply of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Super Mario Super Show, we decided to watch the mysteriously named tape, Dinosaur. I vaguely remembered watching it, but not the actual details. None of us knew it when we slipped the tape into the VCR, but we were about to watch something that would change our lives forever.

Things start out inconspicuously enough. The camera pans across the room, while in the background a song that sounds so much like the back beat to something by The Police that I'm surprised Sting never initiated a lawsuit. We the viewers are shown a large amount of dinosaur paraphernalia.

A lot of dinosaur paraphernalia. This is clearly a case of a kid who really likes dinosaurs, or a kid who once at a family gathering expressed an interest in dinosaurs and has been on the receiving end of dinosaur related gifts from confused family members ever since.

"Science projects, who needs them? What's the use, everybody's just going to laugh anyways. Nobody cares" laments the boy is full of angst and-( Review
Dinosaurs! (1987) - Review: Fred Savage's magical journey through the mysterious history of dinosaurs is rather short and only really teaches you the basics about fossils and constantly stresses the fact that we know next to nothing about Dinosaurs (well, that’s how it was in 1987, anyway). Being probably the least visually exciting, this portion of the film is the bit most people tend not to remember. I recall finding the middle section boring and usually went to get a glass of Kool-Aid Purplesaurus Rex while it was playing. Grade: N (for “Nostalgia”) (
Smithsonian Magazine Blog
Dinosaur Tracking: Long before Walking With Dinosaurs made CGI dinosaurs television stars, most of the dinosaurs on television were models, puppets, or hand-drawn cartoons. One kid-oriented documentary, Dinosaurs!: A Fun-Filled Trip Back in Time, featured all three methods of bringing dinosaurs back to life and included a 1980s power pop song called �Mesozoic Mind.�

Sung by the band Charmer (I hadn�t heard of them either), the song is still something of a cult classic. The Web site serves as a hub for everyone who remembers seeing the video as a kid and even features guitar tabs so you can play the song yourself. Now only if I can get the song out of my head� (

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