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Random Fanmail
November 14, 2008
I have only met about 3 people ever who have seen this, let alone remember the song. Well, as it turns out, my girlfriend has, and absolutely hates it! I am having trouble with the format on the excel chord page, but hopefully I can play it whenever I want to annoy her! Keep up the good work!

Margaret's Mother! Shut up Richard!

James Guschke

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Welcome to

Welcome to! This site has a small following of fans of the song "Mesozoic Mind" which appears on the video "Dinosaurs! A Fun-Filled Trip Back in Time." If you have stumbled upon this site, because that tune suddenly popped into your head after many years, you're not alone. I get e-mail all the time from people with the same story. Suddenly they started humming that familiar tune, and decided to search the web for it, and they couldn't believe their eyes when they found this place. That is why I started this website. For moments like that.

I hope to put up all sorts of great Mesozoic Mind stuff. We have the lyrics, the song, pictures, and guitar tabs.

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Can anyone get me an interview with Fred Savage?

Any animators or "Charmer" band members find this site? We'd like your stories!

What else would you like to see?
Is there anything you can contribute?
E-mail it to [email protected]

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Latest News
May 29, 2017
What is the music that plays at the beginning of Dinosaurs!?

We've been in search of the music that plays at the beginning of Dinosaurs! A Fun-Filled Trip Back in Time! for years. It's the music that sounds like Sting and the Police's song "Every Breath You Take." But that's not what it is.

We found it! (Check it out here at OMNI Music. It's track #21.)

The track is called "Step by Step" and it was written by Vic Sepanski.
It is described as Modern rock sound with guitars and synthesizer.

Length: 2:38

Publisher: Franklin-Douglas, Inc. (ASCAP)
Tempo: Medium
Dynamic: 4
Keywords: Pop, Rock, 1980's
Instrument: Electric Guitar, Mute Guitar

October 2, 2015
A message from the T-Rex: Charmer lead guitarist Pat Tenneriello!

I haven't heard this song in over 27 years and then one day I went looking for it on YouTube to show my little nephew. Once on YouTube, your website came up and here I am.

Charmer was a four piece pop rock band based out of Chicago, IL. We were actively playing the Chicago club circuit from 1985-1989.

Our manager at the time had very good connections around the Chicago land area. While recording our first album, one of his connections happened to be at the recording studio one day and heard our energetic pop rock sound. He told us about a kid Dinosaur movie that was in production starring Fred Savage and the producers were at the time actively looking for a song that would feature Dinosaur cartoon characters singing along to the song. Needless to say, we were on board with the entire thing. The lyrics were already written by the person who wrote the screenplay while the music along with the song's arrangement was left up to us.

We went into the studio on a weekend and wrote, arranged, and recorded the entire music track along with all the vocals. Due to the contractual agreement, we sadly had to relinquish all rights and therefore any ownership of the song.

I honestly thought Mesozoic Mind had been long forgotten. But according to this website, the song has had a long lasting impact on many young and adult lives and I'm proud and honored to have been a part of it. As a songwriter/musician, you always hope that your music can somehow capture the hearts and minds of your listeners. As a result of finding your website and reading all the wonderful stories and memories, I can truly say that one song did.

Many grateful thanks!

We never did get to meet Fred Savage. Oh Well!

Pat Tenneriello

February 22, 2014
Mesozoic Mind cover by Kenneth Hudson Jr. It's been a long time coming, but we just got another cover of the song, this time by Kenneth Hudson Jr. He's synched the cover up to the video itself, so check it out!

Mesozoic Mind by Kenneth Hudson

June 18, 2012
Mesozoic Mind cover by Plushgun Just got an e-mail from the band Plushgun. They've created a cover of the song that is both unique and energetic.


Find Plushgun online:, Twitter, Facebook and Myspace

September 7, 2011
Vector Graphics of the Band! After a long time of waiting, time going on, we finally have vector graphics versions of the band members, courtesy of James! Visit his publishing company: Autumn Night Books. We'll be doing stuff with this art very soon. Stay tuned! (You can see them here: Mesozoic Mind Fan Site.)

April 6, 2011
Rex of Mesozoic MindFirst Mesozoic Mind Fan Art I searched for Mesozoic Mind recently, to see if anything new had popped up on Google. There I found something that I did not expect: FAN ART! This art is by Momodory09. (I wonder if they'll grant any rights to use it in our Zazzle shop. I don't think we'll sell any shirts or anything, but it's a nice thought.)

November 16, 2010
First Mesozoic Mind Cover/Remixes I decided to search, on a whim, for a cover of Mesozoic Mind, and there was one! I found 2! One is by "Cybarflint" and the other is a remix that uses samples, by i2. Listen to Cybarflint sing part of the song, and listen to the remix.

April 10, 2009
Finally updated the Fan Mail! It's been forever, but I've finally added 12 more e-mails to our letters page. I decided to update the page while watching Avatar: The Last Airbender.

Vector Art: I'm also hard at work on vectorizing the four dinosaurs in the band. I'm currently working on the T-Rex, tracing this picture in Illustrator. If anyone wants to help, you're more than welcome! I'm hoping to use the new versions throughout the website, and maybe even for merch in the store.

How about this: if you create a vector version of a character, and it is awesome (i.e. looks exactly, or extremely close to, any of the dinosaurs in the band), and we add it to our store, I'll pay for a single item of your choice (save for the skateboard, I'd say limit $40). What I'd ask is for you to send me the packing slip from your received order, and I'll reimburse you. That's in return for some awesome vector art that all fans get to enjoy. I don't make any money from this website, and it'll help cover hosting fees to have awesome stuff for sale.

Also, if you create some unique looking vector versions of the dinosaurs in the band, and they are still recognizable as being in the band, I'll consider that as well.

I can make no guarantees that I can / will be able to use all submissions (if any!), but the offer is on the table!

Rex Bitmap to Vector
April 4, 2009
Mesozoic Mind Apparel at new Zazzle Store: We've just created a new store using Zazzle! It's a customizable store where you can customize your own shirts and stuff. Visit the Mesozoic Mind Zazzle Store!

April 1, 2009
Mesozoic Mind Remix Announcement: We've received word from one of the creators of the original Mesozoic Mind that a special edition is coming. One that includes a remixed version of the song. It's going to feature many musicians coming together to make their own mixes of the song. The one musician that has been announced so far? Moby.

And on this, the first of April 2009, let's celebrate history as another version of the song is in the works! (Lame April Fool's Day Joke!)

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